Friday, October 2, 2009

Avondale Station update

The great news is that I have pedestrian access over the rails via Crayford Street again. The not-so-great news is that the connection is via a set of temporary metal steps which are narrow in step-width and terrify me when going down them (if ever you see a woman clinging desperately to the metal sides of the steps trying hard not to squeak with terror, that may be me ...) Y'see, there's a thing between me, slopes and/or narrow stairs, and a daft fear of falling A over T down same ...

Anyway ...

I haven't got things as bad as this poor tree, though.  It's still in place, which surprises me. Someone must like it, as virtually everything else has been chopped dopwn or ripped out.


They're setting up the dual platforms, readying the area for the double tracking. More good news is that when they're finished, the pedestrian access across the rails will be via a gated level crossing "to the east". Maybe where things are now, or at least close by.

But even when this bit is finished come December -- the new station won't be in use just yet, not until New Lynn's work is sorted, halfway through next year. Meanwhile ... I'll just keep on gingerly making my way down those scary steps.

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