Monday, October 5, 2009

Of Heritage Festivals, and chocolate cake

The Auckland City Heritage Festival ended yesterday with a bit of a bash at MOTAT in Western Springs. MOTAT being one of my favourite places, I was delighted to accept an invitation to go along. It was a great evening, I got to chat to wonderful people I know in the heritage community, won a high tea for two at Cornwall Park in a business card draw (yes, I already have a friend lined up to share the treat), and eat a couple of pork buns.

Capping it all off nicely was the chocolate cake. Which was superb, by the way. Even the icing. Don't worry, I was good and only cut a small piece.

A couple more images of those who helped set the atmosphere. I'd love to have a photo of myself taken in period dress. That might just happen next year (Onehunga & Fencible Society folk at the do last night said they might lend some gear. I said it would have to be something fairly matronly, given the state of my hips alone ...) so, stay tuned. If it comes to pass, I'll post the results on Timespanner.


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