Friday, October 23, 2009


I don't like photos of myself much. Not that I'm vain (take a look at the image as a case in point!) -- it just  feels... icky to me, for want of a better term. I'm self-image-phobic, or whatever that word might actually be.

Still, when my friend Duncan took a snap of me today while trying out a new camera of mine (previous one met with a misfortune),  and I took a look at it just now, I decided I liked it.

So, in case there's anyone out there who wonders what this particular local history buff looks like, here I am.

This is me, aka Timespanner.

Looking worried about nothing at all, as per usual.


  1. :-) I miss seeing you.

    Did I ever mention that Annie's classroom teacher bears and uncanny resemblance to you? Made me like her from the first day just because for a brief moment it felt like my Wolfie and I were hanging out together again.

  2. Dang that is me Leechy above my with old Blogger id to now defunct blog.

  3. Heh! G'day, Leechy! Thanks a lot, love. So you've met up with another of my duplicates out there in the world, eh? Saw someone the other day that reminded me so much of me it was bizarre ... I'll visit your corner of the world again at some point -- when I do, I'll let you know so you can warn Jayne, okay? Cheers!

  4. "Looking worried about nothing..."

    All that history, so little time.

    Nice to see the face behind all the hard work.