Monday, October 5, 2009

Waitemata County's Rock'n'roll steam road roller

Having a bit of a look around MOTAT before all the Heritage Festival closing formalities yesterday, I spotted a road roller with an interesting nickname: "Rock'n'roll". According to the interpretive sign, it dated from 1925 and was used by the Waitemata County Council (only error I spotted on the sign. Waitemata was a county, not a city) from 1928 up until 1964, when it was driven from Massey to Western Springs and donated to the museum.


They named it Rock'n'roll in the 1950s. Naturally.

Now, the last shot isn't meant to be pointing out that ol' Rock'n'roll needs a bit of sprucing up. I reckon the extra addition was added not too long ago -- but I do like taking photos of spider webs in damp weather. This one seems to have come out all right (and no, there are no visible spiders, for those with the aversion. I try to keep Timespanner a spider-free zone, for the sake of those readers. You know who you are!)

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