Monday, October 12, 2009

Sweet tooth heritage

This may not look like much, but the Heard's Ltd. Building in Parnell is firmly entrenched in the annals of Kiwiana. Even if only for their barley sugars (a definite trigger for childhood nostalgia for me). Now, the Heard's brand is just another part of the Nestle empire.

Mainly a 1930s building, worked on in 1930 and 1937 by Fletcher Construction, the building features on at least a couple of sites, here and here. Beside where the blue cars are parked is Heard Park, upgraded recently.


  1. My eyesight is shot but I can see a bit of the lovely Art Deco style of the building.

  2. I remember Heards - I nearly got a job there in 1972or so. I was between jobs, so I raced around but someone beat me to it. Also in the 50s on I recall the barley sugars we loved them. My father often had one.

    I haven't been to Parnell for sometime so don't know if that building is still there.
    My father worked for Hellabies Meat Company as an architect/engineer, and in the 60s I think it was they were going to tear down the old butcher's shop but he argued that it had a unique design - I recall him saying - so it was preserved. But I don't know if it is still there.

    Near there also in about 1970 Baxter had his place and later Shadbolt and other "radicals" of the time flatted there... I remember some parties there (Gibralter Cres)

  3. There are some more Parnell shots to come, Richard. I had a good time just wandering down from Kinder House, taking photos. There is still a butcher's shop on Parnell Road, but I don't think I quite got it with the camera. I'll be back though.