Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Our 50th: latest "Avondale Historical Journal"

Well, it's out: the 50th issue of the Avondale Historical Journal, a special double-size edition. I never thought back in September 2001 when I churned out the first 50-copies edition that it would last this long, or prove as popular as it has been.

It remains my pride and joy, something, despite the odd dropped line, caption muck-up, or corrected fact, I am very proud of, and so happy that it is looked-forward-to by a hang of a lot of people out there in Auckland, Northland, other parts of NZ, and even overseas. It led to me editing and preparing Keeping in Touch, as well as co-editing and preparing NZ Legacy for the NZ Federation of Historical Societies, and to me putting together the Point Chevalier Times -- best of all, it led to the incorporation of the Avondale-Waterview Historical Society, my home crew, a gathering of truly wonderful people in our community and beyond.

Cheers, AHJ. So far, you're an idea that has lasted well.

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