Friday, October 2, 2009

Heritage Mural at Ash Street, Avondale

 My friend the Phantom Westie Photographer (he'll know who I'm talking about when he reads this post. He doesn't want his name mentioned, but I believe in due credit -- he did, after all, succeed with the Rosebank Carpark Mural Challenge) gave this very, very, very long mural a shot or two on a wet and rainy Sunday recently. That time, the cars going to the Sunday Market got in the way.

Today, I thought I'd give it a burl. Basically, I stood on the other side of Rosebank Road, camera in hand, lens primed, and waited for the traffic lights to shift the vehicles away from the line of sight. Bit by bit.


The images were all taken from Challenge of the Whau, and are part of the same ongoing Avondale Community Board project as other murals in Avondale. And local control box art.

This one (above) came originally from the NZ Herald.

They're a bit out date-wise -- not "1905" but rather "1910." And Edward Wood's children are missing from the far right.

There's a horse and rider missing from this shot, and it may not be from the 1920s -- but those are just quibbles.

The Ash Street murals are the most visible in Avondale, and the most talked-about. They've certainly done their bit to keep our local heritage at the forefront.


  1. Lovely, well worth the effort you've gone to :)

  2. Great pic's Lisa. As I've mentioned's abit scary when I realise that some of these murals can take me back to my childhood...I actually remember (in a hazey way) what Avondale once looked like - give or take a few years!

    The Phantom Westie Photographers other 1/2

  3. Thanks, Jayne.

    Could you thank TPWP for me for all his efforts, Anonymous? Cheers, and ta. As for remembering the old days -- I've tragically been like that for years and years ...

  4. Thanks for posting this. My Great Grandfather was Henry Peck of the Pioneer Bakery and General Store. His headstone/grave is in the George Maxwell Memorial Cemetery Avondale. I will see if I can find a copy of "The Challenge of the Whau" for the original image.

    1. Simply look it up in Heritage Images Online. Auckland Library holds the original.

      Henry Peck arrived in Avondale 1881, and set up the business by the following year. He died on 1890, and his wife Kate ran the business until 1904 when she was committed to Auckland Mental Hospital at Pt Chevalier. She died there later that year.