Friday, October 30, 2009

Shards of Crown Lynn

These are a beautiful collection of mosaics created from out of broken bits of Crown Lynn ceramics, set out in a square around a tree planter outside the New Lynn Community Centre on Totara Avenue. I love them on more than just the single level of the material used: each one tells a little bit about New Lynn's history, and they're a lovely work of art to boot. Click on the thumbnails for a better view.

Mosaic 01 Mosaic 02

Mosaic 03 Mosaic 04

Mosaic 05 Mosaic 06

Mosaic 07 Mosaic 08

Mosaic 09 Mosaic 10

Mosaic 11 Mosaic 12

Mosaic 13 Mosaic 14

Mosaic 15 Mosaic 16

Mosaic 17 Mosaic 18

Mosaic 19 Mosaic 20

Mosaic 21 Mosaic 22

Mosaic 23 Mosaic 24

Mosaic 25


  1. Must check these out .... awesome!
    and put a link on our NZ Pottery site.
    Cheers Ev

  2. Thanks, Jayne and Ev. These wee works of art deserve to be appreciated, I reckon.