Tuesday, October 20, 2009

October '09 Old Lost Photos part 1

I've found some more lost photos, bought from a very cool new shop in Karangahape Road (details below).  This one is likely not to be from the Southern Hemisphere -- on the card to which the photo is glued is written: "Lockrie's Kiln Gang, 1907, Photo by S. F. Piggott." The only S. F. Piggott I've found online is one who took a photo in Canada, so this may well be Canadian too.

How it came to be in New Zealand, let alone in the St Kevin's Arcade on K'Road is a mystery.

If you're in that neck of the woods, do check out "Aunty Mavis", Shop 20, St. Kevin's Arcade. Brilliant wee place. What caught my attention were the Crown Lynn dinnerplates in the front window. It is a retro, Kiwiana-type, collectibles bit of paradise. They haven't been open long, apparently, and I only found them by chance. You can also email them:
crownlynnandvintage@gmail.com. No, they haven't paid me to plug them -- I just reckon they're worth a mention and a visit.

More photos to come as I scan them.

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