Saturday, October 17, 2009

New Lynn Train Station after 1915

It's handy attending the meetings of other historical societies. I do it for the enjoyment of meeting friends and colleagues in this wee hobby of local history data gathering, but it's handy as well -- especially when someone comes along with a photo like this.

The line to New Lynn, as with neighboring Avondale, opened in 1880. In 1912, according to Sean Millar in his wonderful Railway Stations of Auckland's Western Line (2004), the station was completely rebuilt, and transformed into an island-platform style. A 24-lever signal box was installed in 1915, so this photo dates from the period of the First World War, at a guess.

Back then, the station was just west of Rankin Avenue, not east where it is today. It was replaced by a new station in 1984 (placed beside the new bus terminal there from 1980), and became just a glorified tin waiting stop. Now, of course, it's in line to be replaced again, by the new underground station next year.

The old station building hung on for a while, used by a charitable trust, but after destructive break-ins, it was finally demolished. 


  1. Lovely seeing this old image,I can remember the old station and the coal fire in the waiting room. circa 1960

  2. Cheers, glad you like it. I remember our old Avondale station as well, before it was shut down and carted to Swanson. Those were definitely the days.

  3. I have memories of the old railway station as it was in the 60's and 70's New Lynn Raid road where I grew up. The station was a couple of minutes walk away. I remember the station well when mum took me and my bother to town in the train several times for a couple of years. It is fifty years now since I traveled every day to school at Balmoral intermediate school. I'd catch a trolley bus Lynnfield or White swan road via domain road at Mt Eden. I remember the return trips very well.
    Then in the mid 70's getting off Kingsland catching a New Windsor bus down sandrinhwam road that dropped me right outside the Nissan Datsun assembly factory where I worked in the body shop assembling the Datsun 120y's at the time. I remember waiting at the train station in the dark winter months and the station as it was in the mid 70's.

    1. It's been a long time Geoff and even longer since I have seen Neil..many memories of this station...hope all is well m8
      Dave cossill 24 delta Ave

  4. My Grandfather was working New Lynn station and living in the railway house for many years from 1940. Their house cow paddock was where New lynn city is now. My Mother (his daughter) wrote a booklet about her time there and life as it was then. "Rail Tracks & Chimney Stacks" I can remember as a child standing on the overbridge while steam trains passed under, and grandsons letting me pull one of the many levers.

  5. I guess my house was the closest to station 38 delta Ave new Lynn crossed the over bridge daily to new Lynn school 🏫