Sunday, November 29, 2009

1950 Empire Games

A walk down to the Avondale Sunday Market this morning, and I find this: a 1950 Crown Lynn Empire Games commemorative beer mug. Thanks to a couple of small chips at the top, I got it for 1/3 the going Trade-Me rate.

According to another site, 10,000 of these were made. This was Auckland's first big post-war promo, eclipsed in the early 1950s only by the Queen's visit in 1953. The closing ceremony was held at Werstern Springs stadium -- and compared with such ceremonies these days. It's no wonder it isn't all that well remembered. This from the official programme, via Matapihi:


In their brevity and simplicity, the closing ceremonies of the 1950 British Empire Games will be typically British.

At the conclusion of the last Victory Ceremony at the Western Springs Stadium, all standard-bearers, flag-bearers and team-managers will take theirb places in alphabetical order of teams just off the cycling track and then march across the arena to the centre of the ground, assembling in a half-circle around a dais.

Each flag-bearer in turn will then return his country's flag to the Chairman of the Organising Committee, who will present same to the team-manager.

The Chairman of the British Empire Games Federation will then declare the 1950 British Empire Games closed.

A salute of four guns will be fired.

"Auld Lang Syne" will be played, the whole attendance being asked to join in the singing of same, and finally "God Save the King", during which all flags will be finally lowered.

Ah, the days before telly, and multi-national corporate sponsorship ...


  1. Nice spotting....we were going to go but we woke up too late! :-)

  2. What a lovely mug, quite a decent souvenior !
    Don't think the West Island put out anything like that ;)