Friday, November 27, 2009

Herons by the Park

The traffic control box beside Heron Park is another one of those difficult-to-photograph ones. Mainly because it's on the busy intersection of Great North and Blockhouse Bay Roads. There is always a risk of getting in the way of traffic taking an image of this piece of art.

Still, I'm glad it's there, and reminds people (hopefully!) that Heron Park on the Avondale-Waterview border is named after the bird, and not some Mr. Heron.

Update, 14 January 2011: On 5 December 2010, the box was replaced as part of an upgrade by a larger box, and the art is gone. See comments below.


  1. Lisa, I noticed yesterday that this (Doug Ford) box has been replaced by a brand spanking new one :-(

    An accident, or progress?

  2. Aw, no!! :-(

    Thanks, Paul. I've contacted Auckland Council, just to ask whether it was because a car had bowled the box or some other reason -- they're making phone calls and leaving messages with departments, and said they'll get back to me on it. Stay tuned.

    They did ask why I was enquiring -- I replied, "Well, you see, there's this blog I do called Timespanner ..." :-)

  3. Auckland Council have come back to me -- the box was replaced 5 December 2010, as a larger box was required. What is there right now, therefore, is similar as a result of an upgrade.

    The heron art is, though, now sadly part of history.

  4. Always getting to the bottom of it. Thanks Lisa!