Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ironbank: future heritage?

There have been miles and miles of blurb about Ironbank in the local media just recently. Actually, since 2007-2008, even before completion. It's been described as resembling "haphazardly stacked, rusting shipping containers" and it isn't hard to see why.

That's the Cross Street side. The Karangahape Road side makes more of an effort to fit in with the older neighbours.

Well, almost ...

Ironbank has won awards, even international ones. I just wonder if I'll be alive long enough to see if the building becomes as much of a heritage icon for its architectural style as others in the history of this city. That for me would be the real test, over and above any awards it is earning now.

Personally, I think it's interesting. The near-jumbled look isn't something thrust into the eye each time you walk down Karanghape Road. This lady keeps all that neatly tucked away, with just a hint showing. You have to actively go looking for the full impact of that architectural dare-to-be-different view.  Still, it doesn't make me stop and wonder as much as the likes of this near 100-year-old relic from the past.

Yeah, yeah -- Edwardian mercantile. Lots of it around back in the day, still a fair amount of it around to be taken for granted. But what caught my eye are the two stone curls at the front. I think this building, quite utilitarian really, is also beautiful.

Heritage, and what it means for future generations, will be in the eyes of beholders to come.


  1. May not stand the test of time, but I quite like it.

  2. Cheers, Andrew. It was certainly interesting to photograph, even on the overcast day it was here in Auckland on Wednesday. I don't think I'd mind living next door, let's put it that way.

  3. Me's pleasantly aesthetic to the eye.

  4. HI andrew, a question for you, what style of architecture would the Iron Bank building fall into?

  5. Really don't know Kathryn. Shall we try post moderne rustism?