Thursday, November 26, 2009

Devonport changes

This image, and the next two, are by courtesy of my dear friend Liz of Mad Bush Farm. Earlier this year I went on about the theft of the beautiful bronze horses of the fountain at Devonport's Windsor Reserve.

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Well, as at this month, the fountain is still in a fairly sorry, horse-less state.

Very sad to see. However, a resident there says that a replacement is in the pipeline. I'll keep an eye on it.

Meanwhile, with the demise of the Jackson's Muzeum in Devonport, I was wondering what would happen to the building there. Actually, I think it's improved. It was once the Post Office. Today, I reckon it looks great.

Below is another of Liz's shots (thanks, Liz!)

Here is the building now, transformed to a Salmond Reed design (which earned a heritage award). Now, it's restored to its original 1938 Art Deco features.

I even like the way they've paid attentiion to fine details.

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