Saturday, November 28, 2009

Shipwrecks of New Zealand

It isn't often I get an email from an author asking if I'd be interested in a new book which has come out. When Lynton Diggle emailed me this afternoon, and it was to do with his book released last month, Shipwrecks of New Zealand, a companion (and extension) to the effective Bible of NZ shipwreck history, the 8th edition of New Zealand Shipwrecks which he co-authored...

... I'll just have to start swearing off the buying of history books further on into December, I suppose. This one looks like a must-have, with 130 pages, illustrated, covering another 86 wrecks in our history previously not recorded.

A Titirangi resident, Lynton Diggle (according to last night's Western Leader) filmed underwater sites while working for salvage companies in the 1980s. His career path began at 17 with scriptwriter training and later cameraman work for New Zealand Broadcasting, followed by a 25 year stint with the National Film Unit, specialising in underwater filming. He co-authored New Zealand Shipwrecks (2007) with his wife, Edith.

The Western Leader quoted him as saying, "There's lots of romance about wrecks." Too right, Lynton.

Price: $45.50 includes GST and postage throughout NZ)
Orders: Lynton Diggle, 3 Ngaio Road, Titirangi, Auckland 0604

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  1. Oooooooo, sounds like a good 'un.
    "another 86 wrecks in our history previously not recorded." Definitely worth his weight in gold if the author has done his homework to add further knowledge of the shipwrecks :)