Thursday, November 5, 2009

Historic Naseby

Check out this site (link kindly sent through by Peter) from the Naseby Vision Incorporated Society -- especially the photo galleries. From the home page:

Naseby Vision Incorporated Society is a community development group which was formed in 2005.


We value:
  • The Special character of our area
    • Its history
    • The ambience - the peace and quiet 
  • Our Landscape
    • The forest
    • The scenic landscape and mountains
    • The climate
  • Our History and Heritage
    • Our buildings
    • Our goldfield remnants
  • Our Community
    • A place where a relaxed lifestyle can be enjoyed
    • The safe environment for families
Should all or any of these values be lost or degraded, the area will no longer be a 'special place'.

Hear, hear!

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