Saturday, November 7, 2009

Old photos (again)

Two old photo albums were waiting for me in my letterbox this last week. The following photos can't be classed as "lost", really, as I know which family they came from (a West Auckland clan) -- but many of the faces and locations are lost to time.

These two (above) caught my attention. The dangers of a high and frisky wind while trying to get a good shot. Not sure if they came from the same day (or involved the same hat), but they might have.

I'dc say the way the two women are well rugged up, along with the wee kiddy, and said kiddy may well have been in the midst of complaining about posing so long in the cold.

The photos are in many cases in quite a sad state. Here's one example of a before, and after I did some adjusting. More following.