Monday, November 9, 2009

Hotel scene traffic control box art


The Naval and Family Hotel at the corner of Pitt Street and Karangahape Road in Newton has been going a long time. Outside, the control box artist decided to reflect what happens within. The artwork is looking a bit sad, the worse for wear with tagging and posters applied then ripped away, but it's holding its own. Apologies for the bluriness of the last shot -- the box is very near the kerb, and the intersection is a very busy one. Your humble photographer decided to play it safe ansd take a photo from the other side of the street.



  1. There was a letter in one of Melbourne's papers a day or so ago praising the art work on traffic light control boxes in our state of Queensland and in NZ and I hear one has been done in Melbourne. Looks like it will catch on.

  2. Cheers for that, Andrew. If anyone spots the Melbourne box with the artwork -- I'd love to see it!