Sunday, November 29, 2009

Laurel Kerosene, and "Aussie" Ice Cream

Another find today at the Sunday Market -- a recipe book put out by Vacuum Oil under its Laurel kerosene brand, before Vacuum became Mobil. I have no idea as to date, but the booklet was printed in Wellington.

What intrigued me was this entry:

I asked two of my favourite West Islanders about this, Jayne from Our Great Southern Land, and Leechbabe from Stuff with Thing, why this particular recipe is an "Aussie" one. The answer's still uncertain, as one lead raised, the cornflour, seems to be fairly common in ice cream making (thanks, Jayne and Leechie for your help!)

Further suggestions as to the reason for the Aussieness of the recipe gratefully appreciated.

Update: The ice cream has been made at Jayne's place today. The results:
"Ok, ice cream isn't fully set yet but VERY yummy.
Has that decent 'real food' taste, no synthetic after-taste, if you know what I mean?
We'll be making this ice cream instead of buying any from now on."
 Cool. Glad my habit of gathering up old stuff at markets has helped trans-Tasman relations!

Further update (2 December 2009): Resulting post on Our Great Southern Land.


  1. It's set quite solid, will need to sit out at room temp for a few mins to soften to serve tonight but still yummy!

  2. Gosh, I feel like I've returned a piece of Aussie taonga home to the West Island! :-)

  3. I'm hunting furiously round the house! I'm sure i have a Laurel Recipe book stored away ... it soooo looks familiar with a lot of bits and bobs my mother gave me years back .... i've put it somewhere safe for my move back in 2007 to Auckland ARGHHH! Don't you hate that!

  4. Yes! Happens to me all the time, darn it -- and I haven't moved anywhere! :-)

  5. My mum gave me the 7th Edition Australian release of this book today, having found it recently whilst cleaning (she was given it by her grandmother when she got married) *wheee!*

    Household Hints: "To keep your canary in good trim, give him a piece of apple once a day."

  6. I like that. Never underestimate the power of an apple. Cheers!