Thursday, November 5, 2009

Birds at Catherine Place

Another trip into Henderson today on business, and I passed by one of my favourite examples of utility box art at Catherine Place, the front entry to Henderson's Westcity mall (which I still, now and then, call by the old name of Henderson Square.)


It does have a companion box, but this one is close to a wall, and is used by a street trader as a leaning post for his wares. I think you can get a gist though from this single shot.



  1. Love it.
    Just wish our councils would do the same as these things just end up covered in tagging graffiti anyway and those birds are far nicer on the eye.

  2. You could always drop 'em a line, Jayne, along the lines of, "Well, if those Kiwis can do it, why can't we??" sort of thing.

    There's be loads of cool stuff the Aussie authorities could come up with as design ideas, surely ...

  3. They're fantastic...saw them again on Sunday when we walked past them out of the Mall... fantastic artistry.