Friday, November 28, 2008

Advertisements 1911-1912 (1)

Early newspaper advertisements catch my eye now and then. Here's a few of them from 1911-1912, from the Auckland Star and Weekly News. If anyone wants full-sized copies of these, just let me know.

The Scouting movement was new here in 1911, but Highlander Milk was quickly associated with them, healthy activities outdoors, and nutrition. "It tastes awfully good spread on bread" says Baden-Powell.

The New Zealand Dairy Association advertising our world-famous butter, the "Anchor brand". Apparently, this was just as New Zealand was breaking into the American market, or trying to. "The United States Government recently purchased in London and Manchester from bulk shipments five samples of the choicest Australasian butter, one of which was manufactured by the New Zealand Dairy Association." The Kiwi sample apparently topped the lot.

This is here because of how R. Hannah & Co Ltd describe themselves: "shoeists". Not shoe sellers, but "shoeists". The difference in language between now and in the past is one of the reasons I love history.

Advertisements were often put in under headings like "Medical" (for the cures, medical aids, etc.) and, like this one, "Public Notices". Mr. Ogilvie is bringing it to your public notice that he's selling "Mermaid Waterwings". A shilling and thruppence -- pricey waterwings, those.

The rat is dining on "Common Sense Rat Exterminator". It not only killed the rodents, it dessicated the bodies so you wouldn't be offended by the smell. In 1911, rats were feared as the bringers of new outbreaks of plague, so such ads were welcomed by those with a vermin problem.

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