Saturday, November 29, 2008

Painting heritage buildings

Exhibit A: Avondale's Hollywood Cinema. A recent repaint of the front and northern side has made this building look stunning. The cinema is scheduled on the Auckland City District Plan at the moment.

Exhibit B: Page's Store building, 1903. It isn't scheduled with Council nor registered by NZ Historic Places Trust. Avondale's oldest shopping block, it was built by the same Arthur W Page who had the more famous Kingsland store of the same name (but ours is older).

The latest in a long series of tenants in the northern-most part of the block (once the location of Des Ferry Panelbeaters) is a meals outlet. I understand the right of the business to have the colour branding of their choice, but -- bright green? It is somewhat of a pity, I feel. The Avondale Business Association put quite a bit into organising a heritage paint scheme earlier this decade. The Pages Building was one of their success showcases. Here's the building from the late 1980s.

Mind you, I could just be sounding like the old fuddy duddy I am becoming as the years progress.

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