Friday, November 7, 2008

Old photos (Part 1)

The photos in this and the next couple of posts were found in a basket of photos being sold for fundraising by the Blockhouse Bay Historical Society a couple of years ago or so. The origin is unknown.

This one could be English, but it reminds me in a way of mid-19th century American portraits as well. There's some old newspaper stuck to the back, covering the photographer's stamp, so I can't give you more information than that.

Another one that could be English. The background reminds me of the brick tenement housing in London and the northern counties.

The photographer was part of Falk Royal Studios, Symonds Street "right opposite Khyber Pass". No sign of this one at the moment on the Auckland City Libraries' photographer's online database.

Written in very small white letters on the folding card where this photo is mounted is "Ivy Studios". No info on this one.

Nothing on this photo at all, front or back. The card it's on, though, resembles those used as promotional ad cards by photographers.

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  1. Falk Studios seemingly operated from 1921-1932. There is now information on its history at both Auckland Libraries and also the Auckland Museum collection. I have a photograph of my grandfather taken at Falk Studios with the exact same style of signature the lower right corner. During this time, up until 1932, my grandfather had a factory in the
    Hall of Commerce Building in Kitchener Street, on the High Street side. He was quite successful and I think it was likely taken as a formal publicity image.