Friday, November 7, 2008

Old photos (Part 3)

On the back: "Joyce and Ernie, November 1942."

On the back: "To Mrs and Mr King from Rachel". Saxony Studios isn't included on the ACL database.

This is from an old postcard -- unfortunately, it was apparently never used, as nothing is written on the back to tell us what this gathering was all about.

This photo is another I find intriguing. The photographer was NZ Photo Co. of Wellington (no info on ACL database). So ... what was this chap doing? Where was he? What's he looking at?

Just a glimpse of the lady in the greenhouse. No information on the back, unfortunately -- but whoever she was, she had a green thumb.


  1. I LOVE old photos! Especially those of people I don't know, they seem to make me imagine what their lives were like when they were alive. Where did you get yours from?

  2. Hi Amy,

    Cool! Another old photo fan. Yes, I agree -- I do wonder what the lives of these people was like, what stories lie behind the images. Tantalising stuff.

    All of the ones in this three-part series came from Blockhouse Bay, when the historical society there were having a fundraising sale at a Christmas festival day, I think a couple of years ago. I found a cane basket holding a small heap of photos. These were the ones I'd picked out.