Monday, November 3, 2008

Terminus: the lives of those at the mouth of Oakley Creek

Something that has been in the works since around 2001, when I realised that instead of passively collecting information about Avondale and Waterview's history, I could actively research same -- is Terminus. The momentum for Terminus really kicked in when the Avondale-Waterview Historical Society was formed, and I was able to share my views and ideas with others, see what they thought, and adapt the theories when new facts came to light. From this came other projects, like spin-offs: my collection of history of the Auckland Asylum (multiple folders spanning the period from 1850s to 1990s. I am not sure what will be done with that store of knowledge just yet); the Dr Aickin story; and Wairaka's Waters.

I've decided to publish the text of Terminus via Scribd, just to get it out there. Links to the first two parts follow, and I'll have the last two parts sorted shortly for uploading.

Terminus Part 1

Terminus Part 2

Update here.


  1. Very cool photos you've posted Ice. I got the Legacy Magazine thanks heaps it is very very cool. Now I have something to keep me silent for quite...some...time. The blog is looking fantastic. Going to sort out Back Roads today. I'll email you the link once it's done. Seriously this blog awesome

  2. Good news about Back Roads -- looking forward to that email link, and do give me a shout out when I can post the link here. Cheers!