Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More from the 1902 Cyclopedia

The Ponsonby Naval Artillery from 1897. According to the Cyclopedia, this group formed in 1885, and amalgamated with the Devonport Navals in 1890. This is one of a number of Volunteer Corps set up from just after the Waikato War in the 1860s.

For anyone who has been through the relatively new Britomart Transport Centre -- this was what came before, just in behind the old Chief Post Office building. The Queen Street Railway Station as it was called then occupied the spot which used to be the old Britomart bus terminal. It was replaced later on in the 20th century by the grand Auckland Railway Station along Beach Road. Now, everything, of course, has moved back westward.

"One of the oldest streets in Auckland." I'll accept any and all guesses as to which old street this is.

The old Shortland Street Post Office and Victoria Arcade. Both now gone, the site of another redevelopment. The Post Office was replaced by Jean Batten Place and the government department building more recently called the Jean Batten Building.

St Paul's Church. One of my favourite buildings. Even in 1902, so I see, it had that "unfinished" look about it. As if the architect has the grandest of plans, but the coffers weren't deep enough for it.

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