Friday, November 7, 2008

... and then came the bridge.

Another Auckland local history book, and one I've been looking forward to reading, will be launched tomorrow -- ... and then came the bridge, a history of the Torbay area from earliest times, down to 1959 when the Auckland Harbour Bridge was completed and everything changed.

I'm making the bus journey starting around 7 am (two buses) from Avondale to Long Bay, then a hike up to Vaughan Homestead by 10 am tomorrow to attend the launch. The things I do for the sake of my passion/obsession! Should be a nice day weather-wise, though.

A free plug for my friends at the Torbay Historical Society -- the book is $35 plus $5 p&p for one copy, available from the Society.


  1. This is awesome to see. For the first 9 years of my life I lived in Torbay and went to Torbay Primary :-)

  2. Hi Amy,

    They do mention Torbay School in the book, on p. 114. It opened in 1956, and celebrated a reunion in 2006. Apparently, the name Torbay caused some controversy, with the majority of the school committee wanting to call it Deep Creek School (one of Torbay's original names), but Ces Giles campaigned for it to be called Torbay, and put that name on all correspondence with the Education Board so much that the Board got used to "Torbay", not "Deep Creek", and it stuck.

    This is a truly nice book, 169 pages, illustrated throughout, with stories from those who lived there before 1959. Perhaps a chat to your nearest library about buying a copy could be in order?