Friday, November 28, 2008

Advertisements 1911-1912 (3)

Next time I get bronchitis or a cold, I'll bet I won't see an armoured knight striding across, trampling the little men labelled with maladies such as those, as well as "sore throat", "asthma", "coughs" and even "consumption". This ad is as much marketing the product, as it is also a product of its time.

I like this ad because it is wonderfully drawn, and tasteful with regard to what it's selling -- the services of monumental masons, mainly in the business of headstones and memorial statuary.

How do you replace the old copper system of heating water? With a new copper system of heating water. This one involved stoking up the fires in one tank to heat the water for another tank. In another two to three decades, electricity would start to replace these systems.

An advertisement for buggies, from a "carriage and motor car factory". One foot in the past, the other in the future ...

This is here because it is awful. This could be enough to give someone nightmares. The artist was trying to convey the discomfort of realising your poor choice of laundry soap has shrunk your clothes. Instead, the poor victim looks like someone with a malnourishment disorder. I don't think this one was around for too long. At least, I hope not.


  1. oh my goodness I dig old ads. The last one I thought was a child having a temper tantrum! Lol