Sunday, November 30, 2008

The lady with the cigarette

This photo was found by a member of the community dumped on the footpath in the rain about four or five years ago, when the house by the railway line in St Jude Street was being cleared just prior to demolition. It was given to me and the historical society -- but we still have no idea what, if any, significance this photo has with the former "Dingle Dell."

More about the site where this came from here.


  1. She's wonderful so pretty and so posed.1920's I reckon. Maybe she was photographed for a calender?

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  3. Sorry that was me, I accidentally signed in under my son's login, anyway I was saying that I can't believe someone threw that away, I'm glad you kept it

  4. Cheers, folks. Not sure if this was a calendar shot, but whoever owned it had it mounted on card, as if it had been in a frame or was meant to. One of the owners had been a travelling salesman, so -- it could be from anywhere.

    Yes, I agree about not believing anyone could chuck it away, but I'm really glad I knew the guy who picked it up. Some old newspapers from the 1940s were there, and a train pass from the 1920s. Keep an eye on those rubbish heaps, folks! History goes onto the tip every day.