Saturday, November 1, 2008

Avondale Salvation Army Corps

The Salvation Army Hall on Great North Road, just beside the primary school, was opened on 27 February 1928. This was just a few weeks after the first officers were appointed to Avondale (12/1/28). The property ledger of the time records that the section in Great North Road was bought as early as 15 September 1915. The erection of the building in late 1927 was delayed “owing to the difficulty of securing building contract by reason of this suburb having recently been taken over by the City Council, and existing by laws being at some variance [Salvation Army Property Board minutes].

“The block of land was purchased in 1915 with the idea that Avondale would be a likely place for a corps opening within the next 10 years. The land is excellently situated – right in the centre of what is considered to be a fine suburb.” The Corps decided in 1924 to start preparations to build the hall – the architects were Gray, Young & Norton, built by the Property Department of the Salvation Army. [Property Records, Salvation Army Archives].

The completed building cost £1,483 , 5d. On 3 April 1966, a new frontage on the hall was opened. The hall was sold and officially closed on 11 December 1976, when the corps was transferred to Delta Ave, New Lynn. [Above from e-mail to author, written by Major Alan Robb, Territorial Archivist, The Salvation Army, Wellington, 2/4/01]

The old building was torn down, and a Tingeys store put in its place. Avondale lost yet another place for community gathering. These days, it's a Civic Video outlet.

History of the Avondale Salvation Army Corps

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