Friday, November 7, 2008

Old photos (Part 2)

The photographer is Frank R. Huff, advertising on the back of this card "Artistes in Miniature" and "This Photograph can be enlarged and finished in Oil or Water colors to any size required." According to the ACL database, there was a Frank R. Huff in business in Wanganui in his "American Photographic Rooms" (note the spelling of "color") from c.1880 until he and his family left for London in 1886.

On the back is written, simply, "Father."

This is Alice Tapp, according to a note on the back. George Gregory was a photographer from c. 1886-1911, but the Excelsior Studios where this photo was taken dated only from 1905. He died in 1913.

This is a photo of Mary Dunn. Another George Gregory photo, but from his first studio in Ponsonby, so this dates from c.1886-1892.

I find this photo intriguing. A dapper gent, standing to pose with a cane and top hat, in what looks like a field or paddock. The photographer's shadow can be seen in the lower left corner.


  1. Hi there, Sean. That's kind of my reaction when I first saw these in the basket. Cheers.

  2. WOW!!!! Those are seriously awesome Ice. What a fantastic collection. I love the whole thing seriously cool. Blog is just incredible I mean it.

  3. Cheers, Storm. I'm just really happy I can share my treasures like this. Thanks again for putting me onto this blogging idea. I talked about it to the regional gathering this afternoon -- now they want to check it out too.

    All because of that dream ... :-)