Saturday, November 29, 2008

Wade Hotel, Silverdale

Another for my list of "I'd like to know more." Buck Shelford apparently owned this at one time, according to some of the 'Net pages tonight -- but what's the history behind the Wade Hotel? The centre part of the building looks almost late Victorian-early Edwardian. Is it?

Sorry for the less than wonderful photo quality -- I was being safe and taking an optical/digital zoom shot from the other side of the highway today.


  1. almost likes a bit 1920's to me, the windows on the bottom level give me that impression.

  2. I'm going by the cornices just under the roof line. They could be exposed eaves which does, yes, put it in the bungalow-era. But the front windows could well have been modernised. They don't quite seem to match up in line with the ones at the side.

  3. gah, i did something on the wade years ago and looked at the hotel. the original one burnt down if i remember right. if i come across it again i will see what i can do to getting it to you